Thursday, June 19, 2008

Massachusetts Fires, Explosions and other disasters

Massachusetts Disasters added to the database at
Events That Touched Our Ancestors Lives:

Boston, MA Restaurant And Armory Fire, Nov 1942
Springfield, MA Armory Fire, Jul 1864
Fall River, MA The Tug Herbert, Fatal Explosion, Jun 1877
Fall River, MA Fatal Boiler Explosion, Jan 1887
Boston, MA Explosion On Aircraft Carrier LEYTE, Oct 1953
NY, RI, CT, MA Hurricane CAROL Hits New England, Sep 1954
Boston, MA Airliner Crashes On Take Off, Oct 1960
Beverly, MA Deadly Rooming House Fire, July 1984
Brockton, MA Fire At Strand Theater Traps Firemen, Mar 1941
Boston, MA Fire At Parker House Hotel, Mar 1954
Spencer, MA Hotel Burns, Oct 1910
Springfield, MA City Hall Burns, Jan 1905
Boston, MA Paramount Hotel Fire, Jan 1966
Boston, MA Forest Hills District Fire, June 1909
South Framingham, MA Fatal Bonfire Accident, Mar 1910
Chicopee Junction, MA Chicopee Bridge Fire, Nov 1903
Springfield, MA Collins Block Fatal Fire, Nov 1900
Gilbertsville, MA Fatal Tenement House Fire, May 1912
Springfield, MA City Hall Fire, Jan 1905
Haverhill, MA Blacking Company Explosion, Mar 1910
Longmeadow, MA Forest Fire, Apr 1900
Hamilton, Essex, Revere, MA Great North Shore Fire, Mar 1910
Springfield, MA Fire, Nov 1893
West Medford, MA Runaway Accident, Oct 1897
Charlestown, MA Factory Fire, Dec 1869
Worcester, MA Train Wreck, Aug 1922
Springfield, MA Kirkham & Oldmstead Block Fire, Dec 1887
Boston, MA Nine Firemen Killed In Hotel Fire, June 1972
Haverhill, MA Train Wreck, Jan 1888
Boston, MA Wall Falls At Factory Fire, Oct 1964

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